Two Crocheted Afghans Finally Finished

I’ve been working on two afghans that I began well before Christmas.  I would have had them done a lot sooner, but I had to take long breaks while my shoulder healed.

5-Panel Throw

The pattern for this “5-Panel Throw” can be found on the Lion Brand free pattern site.

The first one is called the “5-Panel Throw” (you have to log in to access the pattern).  It’s from Lion Brand’s extensive catalog of free patterns (Pattern 50324).  I decided to use a different color scheme (colorway? – not sure how to use that term) for this one.  The yarn is Lion Brand Homespun, a great afghan yarn.

Because there aren’t any stores here on O’ahu with a large selection of Homespun, I had to buy the yarn online.  I made all of the color selections, using the photos at the Knitting-Warehouse where I purchased the yarn (great prices, reasonable shipping).  Thankfully, each yarn is described in detail, including all the colors that are included in each yarn.

I chose a variegated yarn for the solid panels and then chose colors for the granny squares from the colors in the variegated yarn.  I was trying to choose “masculine” colors because the afghan was a Christmas present for Billy, one of my daughter’s housemates.  I wasn’t sure how these colors were going to work together, even while I was working on it.  But I think it turned out well, and Billy loves it.

“City Stripes” Crocheted Afghan

“City Stripes” is easy to crochet, but pay attention to the color changes.

The other afghan is called “City Stripes,” and it’s from Interweave’s Fall 2006 issue.  I didn’t have that issue, so was lucky to find it as a stand-alone pattern at Interweave’s Pattern Store.  I really liked the colorway (Merriam’s defines colorway it as “a selection of colors” so I guess I’m using it right) and because the only stitch is single crochet, I thought it would be easy to do while my shoulder was healing (Not!  I could only work on a row or two at a time).

I used a substitute yarn for this pattern, my trusty Red Heart Super Saver, which I can easily find here.  I also used some Classic, but I think I’ll not mix the two yarns in the future because the fibers aren’t identical.  I matched the colors pretty well, simply by using the photo on the pattern and the names of the colors as a guide.  There are some really nice examples of this throw on Ravelry (log in to view).

This schematic was designed to help me keep track of the color changes.

The difficulty comes in reading the pattern because of all the color changes.  So I thought I was being smart and created a schematic that included all the color changes on it.  I figured I could refer to it instead of trying to read the directions which are somewhat hard to follow.  But I made a mistake on the schematic – left out a solid panel.  There should be a “B” between the “G” and “F” at the bottom of the afghan.

So I crocheted a separate panel and sewed it onto the chocolate panel at the bottom of the afghan (it’s the baby blue one), using a mattress stitch which you can barely see.  I decided to attach the panel this way because I didn’t want to crochet it on and have the rows running in the opposite direction.

One other problem I had with this one is that two of the directions for two of the striped panels didn’t match the photo, something I didn’t realize until I was well into the afghan and didn’t feel like frogging it to correct the mistake in the pattern.

Oh well … I think it turned out pretty nicely despite the problems I had making it.

I've been crocheting for over 40 years and blogging since 2004 - two of my favorite things in the world to do besides walking the beaches of windward Oahu, Hawaii.

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