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17 comments On Custom-Made Crochet Photo Patterns

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  • Marjorie Johnecheck

    I just left a message on your blog. I want you to make me patterns for pics of my grandchildren. I can do the crochet, just not sure I could make the pattern myself. I will pick out photos and get them to you. No telling when I will get to it, and may try to do it myself, but will get back to you.
    This is a phenomenal idea and I love it.
    Thank you,

  • I have read your tips and understand what you are saying, however, I want. O create a collage of my sister and her 3 kids. I have been using Crochet by Numbers for my other patterns but I really want to create a custom blanket for my sister that is more colored than brown scale. Ssould I still order the pattern from you? I still have to put the collage together but I will try to do as you suggested in your “tips section”

  • Hi, Patrice! I am very interested in ordering a pattern or so from you! I just wanted to know before I send anything if you were still doing this thing. Please let me know! I’m so excited! Thank you!

  • hi Patrice, im wanting to do a photo of myself and my brother when we were kids but sadly don’t have a paypal. if you would work with me i will set one up. also the photo i have is black and white except the rose is red would i pay for the color or black and white one?

  • hello patrice, i tried sending you a photo that i wanted turned into a graph but it said the email address was invalid

  • Can you put multiple photographs on one blanket? I would like to do a blanket for my mother-in-law with all 4 grandchildren, but each child would be in a separate photo.

  • Hi I am interested in have a picture of my mother that has passed made into a crochet graph pattern. I would like the size to be at least the size of a lapgan, if not a little bigger. I would like the graph to be vertical and for the color I want it to be just like the picture. Which I think is gray scale. Thank you

  • Hello Patrice,

    I am new to the photo to a crochet pattern.. I have a photo of me and 3 of my very best friends (school friends and now we are all 50) I would like a throw size crochet pattern in color… (It cant be a graph as I dont know how to use the graphs yet) .. can you give me an idea how much it would be for this pattern to be made. and how else would I pay you I do not have a paypal..

    • Hi Rita! Thanks for your interest in my crochet photo patterns. If there is more than one person in the photo and you want it in color it’s going to have to be larger than throw size because of all the detail that needs to be captured. You’ll need a lot of pixels for the pattern image to look like the photo. Also, color patterns like this require A LOT of colors (at least 15) to make them look realistic. A photo has 256 colors and in your pattern, you want the number of colors to be manageable so you can find yarn to match those colors. So your pattern should probably be blanket size, but that will depend on the amount of detail in the photo. This is why I recommend gray scale for patterns based on photos of people. You are working with 8 colors (shades of brown or gray) and these will give you a very realistic looking pattern image.

      That said, I have two prices for color patterns: $25 if you want to choose the yarn colors yourself; $40 if you want me to choose them for you. I will invoice you so that you can pay with a credit card.

      I’ll send this info to you via email as well so we can communicate further.

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