Babette Blanket Squares Laid Out

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I can’t believe I have finally got all the pieces of the Babette blanket laid out.  It’s going to be a good sized afghan.  I will confess that I had to re-do several of the squares because I read the chart wrong.   That’s what I get for trying to watch TV and crochet AND read a book during commercials.  Sometimes multi-tasking isn’t as good as it sounds.

All of my Babette Blanket squares laid out and reading for sewing

I’ve started stitching the pieces together.  Thank goodness for the pattern chart.  Makes it real easy.

I decided to use a whip stitch instead of the mattress stitch the pattern calls for.  Yes, some of the stitching shows, but there’s so much color in this thing that you really don’t notice it.

Also, I have to admit that the gauge on a lot of the squares is really off.  I had to re-crochet the last round of one square because it was so much bigger than the same-size square next to it.  So you can imagine that I’ve had to “finesse” a lot of the edges so all the pieces fit the way they’re supposed to.  I’m thinking that once I’ve got the border on and I wash it, all the squares will just of fall into  place.

I just took a really good look at the photo, and I’m noticing that there’s more turquoise on the left side of the blanket than the right.  Oh well, I’ve started stitching so no way am I going to redistribute the pieces.  I just want to finish.

After I’ve got it all stitched up, I will crochet several rows of border.  Not sure which colors to choose and how many rows I’ll make.  I’ll make that decision when the time comes. (Check out the finished blanket here.)

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  • the squares look beautiful! can’t wait to see the progress to the finished product. can you tell me how you crochet, watch tv and read a book at the same time? i’ve been wondering about how to do that (not that i’d have the skill to do it) – guess channel surfing is out of the question?

  • Hey Debbie! Great to hear from you!
    As for the multitasking, I set up what I want to watch as soon as I turn the tv on, so I get a little message box that tells me when to turn the channel when my next show starts. I get bored SO easily, and I mute the commercials. I guess I could crochet through them, but I’m usually reading a couple of books at a time and I usually do most of my reading in the evenings.
    But I’ve noticed since I started sewing the squares together, I am doing that exclusively. Must be because I want to hurry up and finish the blanket.

  • I am SO, SO, SO impressed. Your perseverance should win an award, or something. I can’t even imagine crocheting that this, as much as I LOVE it and would love to have it on my couch. Nope. Never gonna happen.

  • WOW!! Your blanket is one of the more artistic I’ve ever seen! It’s giving me a Gee’s Bend feeling.
    I don’t multi-task when I knit or spin, other than listening to an audio-book. I don’t get the full enjoyment of what I’m doing when I’m sharing my brain with other activities.

  • Hey Claudia! You know I am really starting to get tired of stitching up the pieces. I am almost done though. Haven’t decided where it’s going to go yet. My daughter suggested on the wall. I’m not sure if I really want to USE it. It may just serve as color inspiration – I really like a lot of the combinations; others, not so much.

  • Hey Sahara! How’s it going? Thanks for the compliment. I love the Gee’s Bend quilts; I swear I’m going to break my piggy bank soon and get the book.
    I get a “crazy quilt” feel when I look at this Babette. Believe me, very little planning went into the color selections. I’ve stated earlier that it started out as a scrap yarn project, but I had to buy a lot more yarn to finish it. So now I have even more scrap yarn, but I plan to do a lot of freeform projects with it.
    As for the multitasking, I think I must have a little OCD mixed in there somewhere; I just HAVE to be doing more than one thing when I’m in front of the tv.
    I definitely have to make it to your blog and see what’s happening on the east coast.

  • Very nice. I have admired this afghan. Yours is wonderful.

  • I love the turquoise and the pink! It looks great all (almost) put together.

  • Yep, turquoise is one of my favorites too. The hot pink is a substitute for the magenta that I could never find. I think it worked out nice. Thanks for stopping by.

  • this is so beautiful… one of these days, i am going to make one.
    i love the choice of colors and the placement… i wouldnt change a thing!

  • Joanna, thanks so much for your comments! The placement of the squaresw is totally a funtion of the pattern. I’m glad you like the colors. My daughter has been hinting that she wants it … we’ll see.
    The Babette is a big undertaking, but the end result is well worth it.

  • The turquoise is really stunning…

  • Thanks, Beth. I like the turquoise, too!

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