I've been crocheting for over 40 years and blogging since 2004 - two of my favorite things in the world to do besides walking the beaches of windward Oahu, Hawaii.

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  • Hi Patrice, how can I get instructions for the Galaxy Afghan? Yours is beautiful.

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  • Hi Patrice, You will see that I’ve left several replies this morning. I don’t want to be a bother; I’m just new to this idea and very interested. First of all, I love your title, “Yarn over and pull through”. It reminds me of the British expression about stay calm and carry on. Clever! You may be interested in my goal of making friendships with people of all ages by showing them, one at a time, how to crochet or knit. An odd thing about my project is that I’m only a beginner at these skills myself. But I love to connect with people and I love to teach. At a recent women’s retreat with my church, I brought yarn and hooks and showed at least six ladies how to do very basic crochet. Now, we have a “connection” when we see each other at church and new friendships have begun. I also work with teens in our youth group ministry. After teaching them some basics, on a mission trip to Mexico last summer with them, I was able to spend time with some young ladies there, helping them learn to crochet. Do you think it is rather humorous that I am now an “internationl instructor” and I hardly know how to crochet myself? You see, the main goal is not the learning, but the connecting and sharing of God’s love through friendship.
    If you have time or interest, I’d love to hear from you and get to know more about you.

    • What a great goal you have of making connections through crochet and knitting, Diane. I teach crochet, too, here in Honolulu, at my home, and hopefully online soon. I haven’t done much charity crocheting or knitting in a while, but I do from time to time. My goal is to bring in some extra income to support my retirement doing what I love, which is … you guessed it … crochet :-). I also spent many years as a business and technical writer and enjoy writing as well. So the blog lets me combine those two loves.

  • Good Evening! Are you also affiliated with Todd Pascall’s Crochet By Numbers?

  • How encouraging! I too had a mother who was a seamstress so that I, at a young age, was sewing my Barbie doll’s clothes. I knew how to knit and crochet before I went to primary school. In spite of the hard and uninspiring craft teacher at primary school, I did crochet and knit on occasion, but spent much more time sewing my own and my young son’s clothes when I was in my 30’s. Then there was a long dry knitting/crocheting spell when I focused more on painting Oriental art. Eventually – because of an unimaginably long and totally uncreative peri-menopause – I was inspired to crochet again. As they all say – tongue in cheek – I am now totally hooked. crochetncrafts brought me here. Thank you and her! I’ve always loved to seek new horizons, and here, in your ‘About’ I may just have the courage to pick one again.

    • Hi Nicola, I enjoyed reading your story about your fiber arts journey! And it’s always a pleasure to be an inspiration for someone to seek new horizons :-). I’ll have to thank Rhelena at Crochet N’ Crafts for steering you this way. I haven’t been posting much recently because I’m in the process of converting to a new theme, but please let me know if you have any questions and feel free to browse my blog. Happy crocheting (and knitting and sewing)!!

  • I would love to learn how crochet by numbers. I have crocheted for 35 plus years. I can take a cross stitch pattern and convert it into crochet and also do graphs. Would love to learn how to turn a picture into a crochet pattern. Where should I start? I live in Mississppi. Look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Margie, thanks for your interest in my crochet photo patterns. If you are interested in having me convert a photo into a pattern, I would be happy to. I will email you to give your more details.

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