Tips on Selecting the Perfect Photo for Your Crochet Photo Pattern


I receive a wide variety of photos from crocheters who want a custom-made crochet photo pattern based on a personal photo.  Many times the photos are clear and crisp with excellent lighting; other times I get photos that are fuzzy, blurry, and have stray marks on them.

The photo your crochet photo pattern is based on can make or break the finished piece. That’s why I decided to create a “tips and tricks” post that will help you select the best possible photo for your crochet masterpiece. To find out more, keep reading …

New Crochet Photo “Practice” Pattern


I decided to create a “practice” crochet photo pattern that’s even simpler to do than the Heart, Ladybug, and Big Butterfly patterns you’ll find among the free crochet photo patterns on this blog.

This newest pattern is … yes … another butterfly. I love these delicate, little  creatures!

Despite its size (20 rows and 20 stitches), the pattern will give you all of the skills you’ll need to do the more complex pieces. In fact, because the pattern is so small, you can do several of them over a short period of time to hone your skills before moving on to the Heart or one of the larger free practice patterns.

Use any two colors you have on hand, as long as the yarn is worsted weight. Simply assign each of your yarn colors to a color number in the pattern. Choose mid to light colors to make it easier to see your stitches.

As for hook size, if you crochet tightly, I recommend using an H/5.00 mm hook. If you crochet loosely, try a G/4.00 mm hook.

Ttake note of the following material I’ve created to ensure your success:

  • Carefully read the material that appears in front of the actual pattern instructions before you begin working the pattern. This information is critical to your success in executing any crochet photo pattern.
  • I also have a “tips and tricks” section on my blog that offers additional information in a number of areas.
  • And of course, if you have questions, please feel free to contact me  or email me at

To find out more about how you can create (or have created for you) fabulous pieces of crochet art from patterns based on photos, check out this page on my blog.

To your success!

What’s the Difference Between Crocheting a Photo Pattern from the Bottom Up and Side to Side?

You may have been wondering where I was during the month of July. To be honest, I just didn’t feel like writing. It has been so hot here and sitting in front of the computer was not something I felt like doing.

But now that the weather has cooled down a bit (thanks to two approaching hurricanes – YIKES!), I have the energy to publish a blog post, namely, another crochet photo pattern tip that will have you creating fabulous crochet photo pattern pieces.


Crocheting from the bottom up or side to side might be fairly clear to some crocheters, but I do get asked from time to time what I mean when I ask you how you want to crochet your piece, from the bottom up or side to side.

Hopefully, after reading a short post (with lots of photos!), you’ll be able to answer that question with complete confidence when ordering your custom-made crochet photo pattern. Keep reading …

Crochet Photo Pattern Tips and Tricks: Working with 8+ Colors at a Time


One of the things those new to crochet photo patterns might have a problem with is figuring out how to easily work with multiple colors at a time. My gray scale patterns use eight colors, and color photo patterns can use a lot more.

How do you work with all of these different yarns and not get the individual strands tangled up? Continue reading …

More Crochet Photo Pattern Tips and Tricks


Get this ready-to-download crochet photo pattern of Ian Somerhalder HERE.

Now that I’ve finished the lacy crochet tunic which I just HAD to do, I am again working on my crochet photo patterns.

In addition to doing a piece for a good friend who got married last year (yeah, I know, I’m a little late with the gift giving), I am adding more information to this blog to help you create beautiful crochet photo pattern masterpieces.

To that end, I’ve written an article that explains how to determine the finished dimensions of your crochet photo pattern piece in 4 easy steps. Read all about it HERE.