Learn to Crochet By Numbers Online

Yes, you can go from this …

Learning to crochet by numbers

… to this …

Crochet By Numbers portrait of Paul Newman executed by Todd Paschall

… and even this …

Crochet By Numbers portrait of Michael Jackson executed by Todd Paschall

… with just a crochet hook, some yarn, and the single crochet stitch.

There are a few more important steps in between the “learning piece” I completed and a finished piece like the ones of Paul Newman and Michael Jackson above. But if you know how to single crochet, then creating stunning crocheted portraits and paintings from your favorite photographs is definitely possible with Crochet By Numbers.

Crochet By Numbers portrait created by one of Todd’s students

Crochet By Numbers (CBN) is the brainchild of Todd Paschall who created a software program that produces these special patterns that consist entirely of numbers. I have gone through Todd’s certification training and am now able to teach the Crochet By Numbers course online.

I will teach you how to read and execute a CBN pattern, as well as how to mount a CBN piece for hanging on the wall. In addition, you’ll learn how to turn your CBN piece into a pillow, and make a little extra cash  selling your CBN masterpieces.

You’ll also receive a CBN pattern created from a personal photograph of your choosing, as well as one of the 40 patterns Todd has on his website. Best of all, I will provide lifetime support to you via email to help with your CBN projects.

Click HERE for details on how to get started.

I've been crocheting for over 40 years and blogging since 2004 - two of my favorite things in the world to do besides walking the beaches of windward Oahu, Hawaii.

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  • im interested in learning how to crochet by numbers

  • Greeting, Mr. Paschall

    Im very interested in learning your cbn tech I live in Clarkston Ga is it possible to come to one of your classes live, if so I would to know how. thank you, Happi.

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  • Patrice, I would like to thank you for blogging about CBN and Todd Paschall because I had not heard of this technique before.

    I’m going to have to budget this master class into my crochet budget and add it to my list of “Things to Learn” in 2013!

    I would LOVE to learn this technique because it opens up so many more creative possibilities. In another blog post you wrote, you mentioned certification or re-certification in regards to a pattern you were designing. Were you referring to this CBN training?

    • Hey Mississippi Hooker, you’re quite welcome! Yes, CBN definitely opens up creative possibilities. As far as certification goes, I am going through Todd’s certification process to be a CBN instructor. That’s different from the online course for learning the technique. I had to do two of the three patterns required for certification over again because I made a mistake first time around. When you are ready to sign up for the online course, complete the contact form, and I’ll get you the information you need to take the training asap. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    • This is so addicting. Lol. Came across this art form almost 2 weeks ago, then found Todd’s website. It’s amazing what an individual can do. Todd is really helpful in answering questions. Hope to see more people doing CBN

      • Hey Mickey, glad to hear you’re enjoying Crochet By Numbers. I am, too. On my third certification pattern (second time around). The more you do it, the easier and more relaxing it gets. Good luck with your projects.

  • I see that you can take the class by contacting him… before I do, are the patterns available for left handed crocheters?

  • dear mr.paschall and miss walker i am 64 years old i crochet simple things i never read a pattern you have blown my mind i look at it all my brain keeps saying is how how does he do this ?????? i am new to the computed world i never took typing i thought i would never have one well i do i am learning every day i think i can learn cbn i don’t think i could part with it once i do it. i am in the ozark mtn in mo where do you hold classes i would rather meet you and listen and learn i just hope i have family i can stay with while i am there i did see you have email classes i might have to settle for that i put crochet saved my life on my kindle

    • Hello, Patricia. Thanks so much for asking about Crochet By Numbers. These patterns are a little different from the regular crochet patterns out there because they consist entirely of numbers. But they are easy to learn how to read and follow.

      Unfortunately, Todd is in North Carolina and I am in Hawaii, so it would be difficult for us to have a face to face class with you. On the other hand, Todd has some certified instructors around the country, so you might find one near you. You can check out their locations here


      Hmmm, it looks like there is an instructor in Missouri. Hope she’s close to you.

      If you can’t find an instructor near you, please consider taking my online course. The great thing about an online class is that you can take your time and go as fast or as slowly as you like. I also provide additional handouts with tips and advice on how to succeed. I made a lot of mistakes when I first started out, and I want to share what I learned with my students so they don’t repeat them.

      And don’t let age keep you from doing this. All you need to know how to do to get started is single crochet and tie knots. I or another instructor will teach you how to do the rest. Let me know if you have any questions. You can contact me directly at yarnoverpullthrough@gmail.com.

  • hello again how do i find mr paschalls website hw do i fins any information on classes or email classes thank you P+

    • Hi again, Patricia. I’m a certified Crochet By Numbers instructor and I would love to have you as a student. THIS LINK will take you to my CBN Online course page which gives you details on how to get started. You can also click the tab at the top of my blog page. If you have additional questions, I’d more than happy to answer them for you. You can email me directly at yarnoverpullthrough@gmail.com. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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  • i see you use squre knots i was always told not to use knots in your crochet work so how would you hide the knot??
    i love the whole idea i would like to learn… so i got to get the $$ saved up.. thank you

    • Hi Shyanne! It took me a while to be comfortable with the idea of tying knots in my crochet work. In fact, I didn’t start doing these crochet portraits until a couple of years after I was introduced to them because of those knots :-). The cut and tie method is used in these portraits because it would be very difficult (although not impossible) to carry the yarn when you are working with 8 or more colors. A crochet friend of mine has done it, but she had up to 35 bobbins on a row going at one time because of all the color changes. If there are fewer than 5 colors and not a lot of color changes, then carrying the yarn would be the way to go. And of course, I never tie knots in any of my other crochet work.

      As for hiding knots, if you are going to frame the piece on stretcher bars for a wall hanging or create a pillow, you don’t have to hide the knots because they won’t be seen. For a blanket or afghan, the piece would be backed with light fabric.

      Fortunately, you don’t have to save up money to learn how to work my crochet photo patterns, one of the reasons I learned how to create my own patterns. Check out my free patterns here http://www.yarnoverpullthrough.com/free-crochet-photo-patterns. Start with the little butterfly that’s 20 rows and 20 stitches. Carefully read the instructions before beginning, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at yarnoverpullthrough@gmail.com.

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