Deanna Young’s Crochet X-Stitch Shrug

crochet x-stitch shrug back
My daughter looks so much better than I do in the Crochet X-Stitch Shrug.

When I saw this shrug on Craftsy, I knew I was going to make it and purchased the pattern. I finally got around to doing it over the past couple of weeks, and here is the result, modeled by my daughter, Adrienne .

The first thing that struck me about this shrug is that it is crocheted vertically, as all shrugs are. I’ve always been drawn to vertically crocheted garments, ever since the publication of Judith Copeland’s Modular Crochet back in the late 70s. If you can find this out-of-print book reasonably priced (I’ve seen it for $200+), snap it up because it presents a way of constructing garments that is easy, versatile, and timeless. I hope to blog about this construction technique at some point in the future.

But I digress. The X-stitch pattern incorporated in Deanne’s shrug doubly emphasizes the long lines of the vertical crochet, and I figured even a short person like me would look good in it. But it looks so much better on my daughter that I decided to photograph her in it. Too bad it was such a cloudy day, but that’s typical for the rainy season in windward O’ahu (hence all of the mold on the brick wall in the background). Glad I got the photos when I did because it’s pouring now.

The Yarn

Front of the Crochet X-Stitch Shrug
Front of the Crochet X-Stitch Shrug

Because the pattern calls for 800 yards of worsted weight yarn and I am still on a budget, I decided to try an economical acrylic yarn and chose Caron Simply Soft. I’d never used it before, but because so many crocheters rave about, I figured I’d give it a try. The yarn is indeed soft, but I found that it doesn’t mimic animal fiber the way other acrylic yarns do. In fact, it felt like I was crocheting with a silky ribbon, and it took some getting used to.

The main problem I had with the yarn, though, was that I ran out as I was completing the edging on the shrug border. I’d purchased three 315-yard skeins, so I was sure there would be more than enough to complete the shrug. NOT! I really think Caron Simply Soft is a sport or DK-weight yarn and not worsted weight, which means I’d need more than 800 yards to complete the shrug.

Unfortunately, when I went back to Walmart, the only store on O’ahu that sells Simply Soft, to get another skein, they were out of black. So I used some black Red Heart sport weight yarn I had in my stash and re-did the sleeve and border edgings. But I left out two rows because the black colors don’t match very well. At some point, I will probably re-do the edgings when I can get some more Simply Soft in black.

Deanna used Vanna Choice’s worsted weight yarn which I HAVE tried and like very much. It’s just as soft and silky as the Caron yarn but looks and feels more like an animal fiber. So if I ever do this shrug again, that’s what I’ll use. I’ll have to order it online and pay shipping, but that’s the price I pay for living in Paradise.

The Pattern

Side view of the Crochet X-Stitch Shrug
Side view of the Crochet X-Stitch Shrug

Don’t let the X-stitch scare you away from this pattern; it’s really easy to execute. If you are a confident single and double crocheter, you shouldn’t have any problems. The instructions are clear, and there are illustrations that show you how to execute the X-stitch, as well as the reverse single crochet stitch used in the sleeve and border edgings. There’s also a schematic diagram that provides the dimensions of the shrug and shows you how to fold it in order to sew the side seams.

I enjoyed making the Crochet X-Stitch Shrug. It’s the kind of pattern that I was able to do while watching TV in the evening when I do most of my crocheting. You can find it for sale at

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12 comments On Deanna Young’s Crochet X-Stitch Shrug

  • Patrice, the shrug and YOUR daughter are lovely. You know what I like most about your crochet blog?

    You are detailed and you explain things very well. I remember when I first learned the crochet x-stitch – my mind wasn’t wrapping around it.

    I went to you trusty youtube and found a visual and ‘duh’ it is a simple stitch. One you know what you are suppose to do it works up quickly.

    I wonder if they have Judith’s book in the library? Sometimes I find old crochet books there or at second hand shops.

    • Hey Sara, thanks!! Being detailed is probably one reason why I don’t post a lot. It takes a while to write them, plus I’m supposed to be semi-retired, so I don’t put as many demands on myself as I otherwise would. Yes, the X-stitch is pretty easy. It’s used in the Told-to-Me Sweater pattern (in free patterns) but a little differently, so I was familiar with it.

      As for the Copeland book, yes, check out your library. Second hand shops, too. Maybe even yard sales. Goodwill used to have a used book sale once a year; don’t know if they do it in your area, but it’s another place to try. The lowest price I’ve seen on Amazon is $76 so people know its value. I wish Copeland would re-issue it, but my understanding is she stopped crocheting a long time ago because of medical issues and went into wood working of all things. Anyway, keep your eye out for it. You never know.

  • The shrug and the model, your lovely daughter, are a match up. Very beautiful. Many of us are on a budget so I’m very happy to hear your views and use of yarns that are both less in expense and are easily obtainable. Like you, I too have found Simply Soft to be more of a DK weight yarn, but so far, I have only made some dolls with it over this last Christmas. It was perfect for that application and I liked the softness of the fiber which made the dolls soft and huggable. Vanna’s Choice yarn is a lovely yarn too and have found it perfect for a stadium blanket and hats that I am making for our son’s family. Our JoAnn’s carries that brand. Your clear article and lovely photos inspire me to want to try the X-stitch. Maybe one of these days 🙂

    • Hi there, Karen. Thanks so much for the compliment of my daughter and the shrug. She enjoys being my model and makes a very good one if I must say so myself :-). I’ll probably model something one day and include a photo in a blog post but she’s always my first choice.

      I’m glad you found a good use for the Simply Soft. The dolls sound wonderful. Do you have photos of them? I’d love to see one. I wish we had stores that carried a larger variety of inexpensive but decent acrylic yarns (not even a JoAnn’s here), but alas, it’s either Walmart or Ben Franklin Crafts. I love using the higher-end natural fibers, too, and there’s lots of it at several local yarn stores here. But sometimes they are just too cost-prohibitive on the large crochet projects.

      Hope you get to make the shrug one day. I can say enough how easy it was to whip up. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  • Your daughter is beautiful and so is this shrug!
    I reaaaaally like it, I can see myself doing this in an orange or yellow…
    I have some orange available too!!
    That’s right give me something else to add to my “Maybe” list!! LOL

    • ZaMarah, you know me, always enabling the crochet addiction! Glad you like the shrug. I’m going to have to tell Adrienne about all the compliments she’s been receiving.

      If you make the shrug, make sure the yarn is soft. The pattern uses a large (J/6.00 mm) hook which creates a nice drape, but the softer the yarn the better. If you make it, stop by and leave a link to a photo if you’re able to take one.

  • i’m SO glad I found this blog and the photos. it really gives a better picture of how this is put, i’m sitting here with about ten rows done, folding and unfolding. now I get it. this pattern is really easy and is coming together quickly. and everyone is right,,,Adrienne is a beauty! she looks fabulous in this (and I especially love the back of this).

    • Hi Kate! I’m so glad this post helped you figure out the shrug. Yes, it is very easy to make and the resulting shrug is really nice. Thanks so much for complimenting Adrienne. She modeled it for me, but doesn’t wear it on a regular basis. It is MYINE! 🙂

  • Patrice, I know this post is a year old but I just discovered it. Thank you for the nice pattern review. I think your post is very helpful because I get a lot of questions about the x-stitch and about how to put the shrug together. BTW, I bought Judith Copeland’s “Modular Crochet” last year on Amazon. It wasn’t very expensive, less than $100.

    • Hi Deanna, you’re welcome! And I’m so glad you think my post is helpful. I loved the pattern; the shrug was easy to make but the stitch pattern really makes it stand out. I’m sure I’ll be making it again, probably with a nicer yarn. I have a free pattern in the “free pattern” section of my blog that uses that stitch. It’s the Told-To-Me Sweater.

      As for the Judith Copeland book, glad you found it at a good price. That book is worth a million dollars IMHO. I made a lot of modular stuff back in the 80s. Such a versatile technique.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment 🙂

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