Crocheting and Knitting Sweaters for Charity

The Knit for Kids Project

Now that the felting craze has abated, I decided to crochet and knit some more World Vision (formerly Guidepost) Knit for Kids sweaters.

I learned about Knit for Kids project at a Crochet Guild Of America (CGOA) Chain Link Conference in 2006, I think it was, when I was still living on the east coast.  I really liked the idea and the knitted sweater looked easy enough for even me to make.  I’ve made several and sent them off.

The Knit for Kids Sweater Patterns

There are three patterns at the website:  a basic knitting pattern; the crochet pattern; and the 10th anniversary pattern which I have been using for the knitted sweaters.

The Knit for Kids 10th Anniversary Knit sweater

This time around, I thought I’d get fancy (for me) with colors.  I remember someone at the conference saying that the children like bright colors.  Makes sense, yes?  So here are my attempts at adding a little color the the sweaters.

Now, I have to be honest and say that I don’t like the crochet pattern.  I think it’s overly complicated and  worsted weight yarn like Red Heart makes the sweater way too thick.

knit for kids sweaters
The Knit for Kids crochet sweater pattern

Yes, it’s REALLY warm, but it’s not flexible enough for my taste.  One option is to use a lighter worsted weight or even DK weight yarn.  I’ve been looking around for a bright colored superwash wool that’s not too, too expensive.  If you know of any yarns that meet that description, I’d be interested in checking them out.

Another option is to use a larger hook, but that messes up the gauge, and you have to make adjustments as a result.  But I’m thinking about designing a crochet sweater that is easy to make and looks like the knitted sweater some time soon.  Don’t know when I’ll get around to it with so much else on my plate these days.

Making the Knitted Sweater on Circular Needles

One change I made with the knitted pattern this time around was to use circular needles instead of the straight ones the pattern calls for.

Knitting the bottom half of the Knit for Kids 10th Anniversary sweater in the round, on circular needles

Since the front and the back of the sweater are carbon copies of each other, I figured I could use circular needles to make the bottom portion, then divide the front and back in half and work on each separately to complete the top and sleeves.  That’s what I did with the green sweater, and it worked well, so I’m doing it with this yellow and turquoise one, too.

I use stitch markers, Christmas gifts from knitting buddy, Opal, on the bottom half to separate the front from the back so it’s easy to begin the top portion where I have to work on one at a time.

This is a worthwhile project that I think any beginning to intermediate crocheter or knitter, and advanced ones, too, might want to try.

UPDATE: The Knit for Kids knit and crochet sweater patterns can also be found at the AC Moore website. There are now 15 patterns  for knitting and crocheting blankets, hats, mittens, and scarves.

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