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This photo morphs into …                 This beautiful crocheted portrait

I’ve been a Crochet By Numbers certified instructor since the beginning of 2013 and have really enjoyed teaching students how to create beautiful crocheted pieces based on their favorite photos.  Now I’m happy to announce that I have developed my own process of creating crochet patterns from photos that are comparable in quality to the Crochet By Numbers pieces I have created.


Yarn Over Pull Through Crochet Photo Pattern contains all of the information you’ll need to successfully crochet a finished piece. I’ll also be adding tips and tricks on this blog to help you. You’ll get information to guide you in:

  • Choosing the right photo for your pattern
  • Selecting the perfect yarn colors for your pattern
  • Following the pattern instructions accurately
  • Crocheting the pattern left-handed
  • Changing colors and tying knots
  • Using intarsia crochet techniques for a clean back.

Start with my free crochet photo patterns if you’ve never done one before. The little butterfly pattern is only 20 rows and 20 stitches, but working it will give you all of the skills you need to do more complex patterns.

If you have experience with graphghans, then you are one step ahead of those who have never worked a crochet photo pattern before. The transition from graphghan pattens to my patters is an easy one.

I had the utmost pleasure to be one of Patrice’s students online as well as a tester for her crochet pattern. I sent her a picture of my friends’ logo for their family restaurant and I found it extremely easy to read and was quite comfortable in creating this project for her. I never felt there was anything I didn’t understand. The instructions were very easy to read and the reassurance of knowing Patrice was only a message away was a help. … I highly recommend anybody who can single crochet to try making portrait crochet projects and contacting Patrice when you are ready to learn. — Linda of Mesa, AZ

A Cornucopia of Patterns

I will be offering a full range of patterns, in both gray scale and color, at a variety of price points the hobby crocheter can easily afford.

My pre-made patterns are crocheted vertically, or from side to side. I prefer this orientation to horizontal because I think it creates a more realistic looking piece. However, if your prefer a horizontal orientation, I’d be happy to create a pattern that you can crochet from the bottom up.

Of course, the piece you crochet will not be an exact copy of the photo it’s based on because crochet stitches don’t stand on top of one another; they slant a bit to one side. Think of a painting;  the closer you stand to it, the easier it is to see individual brush strokes (stitches). As you move away from the painting, a clear image begins to emerge.

I am offering patterns in the following categories:

The free patterns will be simple ones you can use to get some practice crocheting these unique patterns. The patterns for sale section will include a selection of already-made patterns that you can purchase and receive immediately via instant download. Patterns from personal photos are the ones I create for you based on a personal photo of your choice.

Patrice Walker at Yarn Over, Pull Through: The Heart and Soul of Crochet is truly amazing! She has converted some photos into crochet patterns for me over the past several months. When I’ve had questions, she has always been very quick to respond and help! Please go check out her Facebook page and click “LIKE”!!! You’ll be happy you did!Wendy of Stamford, CT


And if you don’t crochet but would love to have a piece of crocheted art in your collection, I can create one for you from your personal photo. For more information on how to get a commissioned piece of crochet art, check out the details here.

These patterns are available to US buyers only due to EU VAT MOSS. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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20 responses to “Crochet Photo Patterns

  1. I love it!! You’re a crochet engineer!!

  2. You are awesome Patrice. I can see your love of crochet and your tech editor background shining through.

    • Hey Sara, it’s really a blessing to be able to combine the two things I love to do most in the world – writing and crochet – into a business venture. Thanks so much for your positive feedback and for your continuing support.

  3. Patrice.
    I am sooo happy to say that I am a graduate of CBN with you as my instructor!!!! I too LOVE crocheting and now that I am hooked ( no pun intended ) on photos via crocheting I am more in love with this. I look forward to more and more exciting things…..

    Love Linda

    • Oh Linda, aren’t you sweet! I was honored to have you as a student. Your patience and perseverance have really paid off. This is definitely an adventure, and I look forward to sharing it with you. Thanks so much for your positive feedback!

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  8. Great job. Tweeted , and fb you website.

  9. Jackie Bouska

    Are your patterns just the pic of the blocked pic or are they written out line by line?

  10. I would like to know how to make graph’s from photo’s. Can you tell me what program it is that does this. I would like to purchase it. If you would be so kind as to tell me the name of the program I would be so appreciative. Thank you.

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  12. Hello pat
    What about an Elsa pattern in color …I would like the price for color and other option color.approximately 100 rows…how much would an pattern be thank you in advance. P s you do beautiful work

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